10+ Halloween Activities Near Me

What’ can family do for Halloween at home? We have researched different Halloween activities for fun to do for your family and kids.

If you are asking if any of these Halloween activities are for adults, then the answer is yes because we will be reviewing some of the Halloween activities near me for kids, adults, toddlers and families.

What’s A Halloween?

According to Wikipedia, Halloween is a celebration observed in many countries on 31 October, the eve of the Western Christian feast of All Hallows’ Day.

It begins the observance of Allhallowtide, the time in the liturgical year dedicated to remembering the dead, including saints (hallows), martyrs, and all the departed.

Halloween activities include trick-or-treating (or the related guising and souling), attending Halloween costume parties, carving pumpkins into jack-o’-lanterns, lighting bonfires, apple bobbing, divination games, playing pranks, visiting haunted attractions, telling scary stories, and watching horror or Halloween-themed films.

For some people, the Christian religious observances of All Hallows’ Eve, including attending church services and lighting candles on the graves of the dead, remain popular, although it is a secular celebration for others.

Some Christians historically abstained from meat on All Hallows’ Eve, a tradition reflected in the eating of certain vegetarian foods on this vigil day, including apples, potato pancakes, and soul cakes.

15+ Halloween Activities Near Me

• Jack-o’-lantern

Halloween Activities
Jack-o’-lantern Activities

A jack-o’-lantern is a carved turnip, pumpkin or other root vegetable lantern, commonly associated with the Halloween activities for holiday.

Its name comes from the reported phenomenon of strange lights flickering over peat bogs, called will-o’-the-wisps or jack-o’-lanterns.

The name is also tied to the Irish legend of Stingy Jack, a drunkard who bargains with Satan and is doomed to roam the Earth with only a hollowed turnip to light his way.

Jack-o’-lanterns carved from pumpkins are a yearly Halloween tradition that developed in the United States when Irish immigrants brought their root vegetable carving tradition with them.

• Haunted House Activities

Halloween Activities
Haunted House Activities

One of the scariest places you can visit with your family for Halloween activities is the haunted house, spook house or ghost house in ghostlore, which is a house or other building often perceived as being inhabited by disembodied spirits of the deceased who may have been former residents or were otherwise connected with the property.

Parapsychologists often attribute haunting to the spirits of the dead who have suffered from violent or tragic events in the building’s past such as murder, accidental death, or suicide.

• Corn Mazes

Halloween Activities
Corn Mazes Activities

Corn mazes have become popular for Halloween activities and tourist attractions in North America, and are a way for farms to generate tourist income.

Many are based on artistic designs such as characters from movies. Corn mazes appear in many different designs.

Some mazes are even created to tell stories or to portray a particular theme. Most have a path which goes all around the whole pattern, either to end in the middle or to come back out again, with various false trails diverging from the main path.

• Shadow Play Activities

Halloween Activities
Shadow Play Activities

Another popular Halloween activities for kids is Shadow play, also known as shadow puppetry, is an ancient form of storytelling and entertainment which uses flat articulated cut-out figures (shadow puppets) which are held between a source of light and a translucent screen or scrim.

The cut-out shapes of the puppets sometimes include translucent color or other types of detailing.

Various effects can be achieved by moving both the puppets and the light source. A talented puppeteer can make the figures appear to walk, dance, fight, nod and laugh.

• Apple Bobbing Activities

Halloween Activities
Apple Bobbing Activities

Apple bobbing, also known as bobbing for apples, is a game often played on Halloweens for kids.

The game is played by filling a tub or a large basin with water and putting apples in the water.

Because apples are less dense than water, they will float at the surface. Players (usually children) then try to catch one with their teeth.

Use of arms is not allowed, and the hands are often tied behind the back to prevent cheating.

• Tic-tac-toe Activities

Halloween Activities
Tic-tac-toe Activities

Tic-tac-toe, noughts and crosses, or Xs and Os is a paper-and-pencil game for two players who take turns marking the spaces in a three-by-three grid with X or O.

The player who succeeds in placing three of their marks in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal row is the winner.

• Matching Games

Halloween Activities
Matching Games Activities

Matching games are kids games played during Halloween activities that require players to match similar elements.

Participants need to find a match for a word, picture, or card. For example, students place 30 word cards; composed of 15 pairs, face down in random order.

Each person turns over two cards at a time, with the goal of turning over a matching pair, by using their memory.

• Trivia Activities

Halloween Activities
Trivia Activities

Trivia is a Halloween game activities made of information and data that are considered to be of little value.

It can be contrasted with general knowledge and common sense.

• Trick-or-treating Activities

Halloween Activities
Trick Or Treating Activities

Trick-or-treating is a traditional Halloween custom activities for children and adults in some countries.

In the evening before All Saints’ Day (1 November), children in costumes travel from house to house, asking for treats with the phrase “Trick or treat”.

The “treat” is usually some form of candy, although in some cultures money is given instead.

The “trick” refers to a threat, usually idle, to perform mischief on the homeowner(s) or their property if no treat is given.

Trick-or-treating usually occurs on the evening of October 31. Some homeowners signal that they are willing to hand out treats by putting up Halloween decorations outside their doors; others simply leave treats available on their porches for the children to take freely.

Houses may also leave their porch light on as a universal indicator that they have candy.

• Truth Or Dare Activities

Halloween Activities
Truth Or Dare Activities

Truth or dare? is a mostly verbal party game requiring two or more players and mostly played during Halloween activities.

Players are given the choice between answering a question truthfully, or performing a “double dare”, both of which are played by both players.

The game is particularly popular among adolescents and children, and is sometimes used as a forfeit when gambling.

• Scavenger Hunt Activities

Halloween Activities
Scavenger Hunt Activities

A scavenger hunt is a Halloween game in which the organizers prepare a list defining specific items, which the participants seek to gather or complete all items on the list, usually without purchasing them.

Usually participants work in small teams, although the rules may allow individuals to participate.

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